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14.12.2021 - Getting ready for another CoViD-19 lock-down. Get PCR tested before coming in the studio. We care about you!

10.11.2021 - Started recording Meridian's new album.

04.10.2021 - Mixing, mixing, mixing!

17.09.2021 - Five Dollar Justice.

21.08.2021 - Milevidt in the studio.

25.07.2021 - Songwriting Camp (Heavy Metal).

19.07.2021 - Ethereal Kingdom in the studio.

07.06.2021 - Detest in the studio.

21.05.2021 - Thorium in the studio.

11.05.2021 - Songwriting Camp (Viking Folk Music).

10.05.2021 - New site online!

07-08.05.2021 - Spending two days recorded all the bands playing at Nordic Noise 2021 in Amager Bio, Copenhagen.

04.05.2021 - Soon the new site will be operational! We are doing the last touches and adding a few more photos. The most time consuming task is searching for all the album covers of the releases we have been working on.

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