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In the North-West of Denmark, in the peacefull island of Mors, a musical analog heart meets a complex digital mind.

A pure analog audio path is fed and managed by computerized precision.
The studio is located near all supermarkets, in 5 minutes walking distance (Løvbjerg, Circle K, Netto , Aldi, Rema1000, Lidl, and Fakta). Same distance to the shopping street with restaurants, bars, and detail shops.
The island Mors is well known for its nature, especially North of the Island. We have near the town Flade, one of UNESCO's world inheritage landmarks called Hanklit. The island is also known for the "mo-clay", which you can see at Hanklit, but also many other places on the Island, since they are digging it out many places. Many fossiles hide in the Mo-clay and at the Molermuseum you can find the fossils, together with the worldfamous big turtle fossile they found here.
Other places connected to this are Salgerhøj, Ejerslev Harbor (with the Lagune), and Feggeklit at the ferry, where King Fegge is believed to be buried. Breathtaking wild Nature and Scandinavias biggest Flowerpark (
If you want to read more about the Island, is a good place. 

A good idea when booking this studio, would be to put an extra day or two to see all these nice places.


Marco Angioni, Producer
Gasværksvej 65, 7900 Nykøbing Mors (Denmark)

Born in Cagliari, Italy, the 4th of April 1973.

Plays in:


Street Fighter



Played in:

Motivi X Litigare




Charvel Guitars

InTune Picks

AudioSupport (Rotosound)

  • BA in Electronic Music - Conservatorio di Cagliari (w/ Elio Martusciello) 

  • Degree in Experimental/Modern/Classical Composition - Conservatorio di Cagliari (w/ Franco Oppo)

  • Music for TV and Film - Berklee College of Music (w/ Ben Newhouse)

  • Online Masterclasses with Kenny Gioia, Eyal Levi, Alan Parsons, Kurt Ballou

  • Master Class (Abbey Road Studios - MCTS lvl. 3) w/ Alan Parsons (including Education License)

  • Master Class (Sweet Silence Studio) w/ Flemming Rasmussen

  • Console Theory and Routing (w/ Enrico Sesselego R.I.T.)

  • Master Class (Orchestral Mixing) w/Jake Jackson

  • Music Business Foundations -Berklee College of Music (w/John P. Kellogg)

            Awards and nominations

  • 2013 DMA "best danish album" nomination -prod. rec. mix. master

  • 2014 Best International Thrash EP -prod. rec.

  • 2014 Top 10 Best Technical Death Metal album mix. master

  • 2014 Finalist in 2 international mixing competitions -mix

  • 2015 HMA winner "Best Danish album" -rec. prod

  • 2015 HMA nomination "Best International album" -rec

  • 2016 HVRA "Best Danish Metal Album" nomination -prod. rec

  • 2017 Devilution "2nd best album of the year" -prod. rec. mix. master

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Udsigt fra salgerhøj mod Hanklit.jpg
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