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Professional Sound Mixer


A selection of backline gear is available:

EVH III 50 Watts amplifier.

ENGL Fireball

London City DEA 130

Orange Tiny Terror amplifier (hand wired edition!)

Gallien Krueger 250ML

Brunetti 4x12 cab (Jensen Custom)

Morgan Amps 4x12 cab (Celestion V30)

EVH 4x12 speaker (Celestion Greenback)

Marshall speaker 4x12 "1960" (Celestion G12T-75)

Orange speaker 1x12 (Celestion V30)

Marshall speaker 1x12 "1912" (Celestion G12B-150)

Mesa Boogie Simulclass 295 Power Amp

Kemper Amp Profiler

Markbass F1 amplifier (red edition)

Markbass speaker 2x10

Markbass speaker 4x10

Hand Made CVL Drums (birch) *:

   Bass Drum: 22"x18"

   Toms: 8"x8" - 10"x9" - 12"x10"

   Floor Tom: 16"x16"

   Snare Drum: 14"x4,5"

Tama Starclassic Bubinga 14"x5,5" snare *

Hornung & Møller Half-Concert grand (160cm) **

Hammond T550 (modded) w/ Leslie rotary speaker **

Korg Trinity

Fender Stratocaster '69 w/ Fender Custom Pickups*

Charvel DK Limited *

Gibson LesPaul 5-Strings Bass *

Martin Acustic *

Yamaha acoustic folk guitar *


sE Electronics Titan (two units)

sE Electronics 4400a (stereo pair)

AKG C414 XLS (stereo pair)

Groove Tubes 1a (stereo pair)

Sennheiser MD 421 (two units)

Sennheiser e906 (two units)

Sennheiser e904 (two units)

Shure Beta 57

Shure SM57 (two units)

AKG D112 (two units)

Beyer Dynamic M201 (two units)

Tundra Audio POL8 hand-made ribbon (stereo pair)

Aston Microphones Starlight

Solomon Mics LoFReQ "sub-kick"

Electro Voice RE-320

Heil PR-30

T.Bone SCT800

T.Bone SC140

T.Bone ST1000 (stereo microphone)

T.Bone CD 56Beta (four units)

T.Bone EM81 (two units)

T.Bone BD25 (two units)

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